using zoom for a productive virtual tutoring session

If you would prefer a different interactive platform, just say so! I am familiar with Microsoft Teams, Skype and Google Hangouts. 

Zoom is the preferred interactive platform for the live sessions. 

zoom at-a-glance


Meet face-to-face with laptop, desktop, webcam and mobile integration (iOS and Android)


Chat feature, rich with capabilities. Files, examples, and text can be shared real-time. The chat can be referred back to following the session.


Ability to share the tutor's screen with the student and vice-versa. Allows for whiteboard demonstrations as if in person.


Fully integrated with booking software. Immediately after scheduling your session, you will receive a confirmation email including a unique Zoom link for your session.


It's free!

Overview of zoom


Visit Zoom's homepage for plug-ins and downloads. There are also many excellent descriptions of the software's features.

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