Frequently asked questions

Will you contact my child's teacher(s)?

Absolutely! We are all an important part of your child's team. When signing up for your session, you will be asked to provide your conesnt to contacting your child's teacher(s).

What is the sign-up process?

It's quick, easy and painless! 1) Contact me (really!) if you have any questions or just want to chat. You should feel confident that I am the right tutor for your child. 2) Select a single session or a package (3-pack or 6-pack of sessions). 3) You will provide basic contact information. 4) Select a time and date that is convenient for you and your child. The availability adjusts real-time!

What happens if you aren't a good fit with my child?

No hard feelings! I want your child to be successful and benefit. While I am confident in you having a positive experience, the sessions have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Do you have the required clearances for teaching?

Yes. I have my Instructional II (permanent) teaching certificate in Pennsylvania. To maintain employment, all teachers, per state law, must pass a PA criminal background check, PA Child Abuse History Clearance, and an FBI Background Check (fingerprinting).

Can I forward you materials prior to my child's next session?

Yes! Please do! I like to be prepared for each session. I appreciate having materials in advance so that I can find supplemental materials and make sure I am current on the content.

What does the session follow-up include?

  • The time and date
  • goal(s) for the session
  • Activities and tasks completed
    • any reminders and pointers
  • Next steps for both tutor and student
  • Additional resources and materials

Are my payments secure?

Yes! Not only is your satisfaction 100% guaranteed, but payments are processed through Acuity Scheduling's integration with Square and PayPal.

Why is there a cost difference between the flexible sessions and "traditional"?

The slight difference in cost reflects the extra preparation required to deliver an exceptional session.