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Your tutoring experience is much more than a 1-hour session. It is carefully designed to meet your goals and provide support throughout your academic journey. Read below for what to expect before, during and after your session.

Make Sure I'm the right fit

Before booking your session, you will share your goals for tutoring. What are your child's strengths? Challenges? How do they learn best? I'm here to listen and develop a plan that will best work for your child. it's important you are confident I am the right match for your child and their learning needs. I'd love to hear from you!

Schedule your session(s)

Schedule your session using the real-time calendar and secure payments (Square and PayPal). You have the ability to change your appointment from the booking page. You may opt for text and email reminders of the session. For cancellations/reschedules please provide 8 hours notice. Our Terms and Conditions are found here.

My preparation for your session

In preparation for our first session, I will be hard at work to make sure our time together is effective and efficient. With your permission, I will reach out to your child's current teacher(s) regarding any upcoming tests or assignments. During this time, you are encouraged to forward any materials you would like to work on via email or phone.

Our live session

I will be available approximately 10 minutes prior to our session to help with any technology challenges answer questions or concerns. If you are unable to join our session due to technological difficulties, please text or call (484) 261-1475. For other technology related questions, please visit the technology page. Our session will follow a carefully designed format.


From the Teacher's Inbox is much more than just a tutoring session. You will receive a typed summary of our session, links to resources and web-based practice materials, and an "action plan" to reach your child's goals.

"emergency" access

We've all been there! During class or a tutoring session, you feel like you understand the concepts and have a firm grasp. Then, while studying on your own, an important step eludes you. It happens to everyone! When it does, reach out. I will do my best to clarify the confusion and get your child back on track to productive studying.

Right fit?
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