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Geoff began his teaching career 10 years ago. His current role finds him working with students of diverse profiles and learning needs. No two learners are the same, and his varied experience allows Geoff to quickly determine a student’s needs and sync them with individualized learning plans.  Geoff’s unique roles as an autistic support and emotional support teacher afford him unique insight into how emotionality influences students’ learning. He excels at teaching coping skills and anxiety management strategies to increase student engagement. He is well-versed in teaching executive functioning and study skills to increase efficiency and effectiveness when studying. In his decade of teaching, Geoff has taught English, reading, math and social studies across multiple grade levels. He regularly teaches study skills courses and is familiar with all middle-level curriculums. Geoff earned his B.A. with honors in Political Science (concentration in Middle Eastern Affairs) and a minor in Psychology from Lehigh University. He subsequently received a MA Ed. From Arcadia University in Special Education, K-12. His teaching certificate includes Mid-Level English, Mid-Level Citizenship (social studies), Mid-Level Mathematics, and Mid-Level Science. 

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