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Providing tutoring and learning resources for families and students.

private tutoring

Meet your child's goals in a fun and interactive format. The Teacher's inbox provides a full learning experience, delivered by an experienced teacher.



Your tutoring experience is much more than a 1-hour session. It is designed to meet your goals and provide support throughout your academic journey. Read below for what to expect before, during and after your session.

tell me about your child

Before your session, share your goals. What are your child’s strengths? Challenges? How do they learn best? I'm here to listen. In fact, I need to listen. Your child and their goals drive the entire experience. Who better to tell that story than you? I will build rapport with your child so that the process is engaging and enjoyable.

Schedule your session(s)

Schedule your session in the time it takes to brew a single cup of coffee. No need to leave the page! Choose a convenient time and date. Complete your payment securely (processed by Square or PayPal). Need to reschedule? No problem, just click the link in the confirmation email.

My preparation for your session

A productive session depends on quality preparation. Your teachers are an important part of your child’s learning experience. With your permission, I will work collaboratively with your child’s teaching team. Email any materials or work samples you would like reviewed before we meet for our session.

Our live session

Joining the live session is a breeze. Click the link in your confirmation email and sit back while you’re redirected into our session’s Zoom lobby. From there, our session will follow a carefully designed format to meet your child’s goals.


The Teacher's Inbox is more than just a tutoring session. You will receive a typed summary of our session, links to resources and web-based practice materials, and specific "next steps."

"emergency" access

We've all been there! During class or a tutoring session, you feel like you understand the concepts and have a firm grasp. Then, while studying on your own, an important step eludes you. It happens to everyone! When it does, reach out. I will do my best to clarify the confusion and get your child back on track to productive studying.

Subject areas

Get the specific help your child needs with a blended approach that focuses on their unique learning style, needs, and incorporates effective study skills.



Certified teacher in elementary mathematics, pre-algebra, algebra I & II, geometry, trigonometry



Trained in the latest research-based approaches to reading comprehension. Can be applied to literature and non-fiction.


social studies

Certified teacher in middle-level social studies with an undergraduate degree in social sciences.



Certified teacher in English language arts, and highly qualified in middle-level English.



Certified teacher in middle-level science. This includes topics such as biology, chemistry, earth science and physics.

Mix & Match


Want to mix a bit of science and social studies with a specific focus on reading strategies? You got it!

All tutoring sessions are delivered virtually using widely-accessible interactive platforms.

The Teacher's Inbox offers flexible and convenient scheduling. Choose a package for greater savings per session and choose a time that works for your schedule!


I'd love to hear from you! Call/text/email...

+1(484) 261-1475

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